The Path of Pink

Despite her edgy and tomboyish looks, which are in contrast with that of her peers, Pink has known massive successes with hit songs like ‘There You Go’ and ‘You Make Me Sick’. This singer, songwriter and dancer was born on September 9, 1979, in Pennsylvania. She mostly achieved fame with her edgy pop music. But the world got to know her after she performed the 2002 Moulin Rouge soundtrack with Christina Aguilera. Many fans argue that the artist has redefined the concept of pop music while paving the way for singers like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but she is not recognised enough for it.

Her real name is Alecia Beth Moore, but she is known under her stage name. She chose the name pink from the movie Reservoir Dogs as all her friends would always agree that she resembled the character of Mr. Pink. The singer had a quite turbulent life. She was the second kid of her parents which were middle-class. After their divorce when Pink was just three, she adopted a rebellious attitude which made her adolescence a hard one. For instance, she was never allowed to go at her friends’ places as their parents thought she was a negative influence. Also, her own parents were sometimes scared of her and for her. The one thing that saved her was music as she found solace in it.

At the age of 14, Pink was already an experienced singer and dancer. She even started to write her own songs. She used to sing at a Philly nightclub regularly, but the world of music was too much for her to handle at such an early age. After performing with two R&B bands later on, Pink finally got her chance to perform solo. She recorded her first album “Can’t Take Me Home” under her stage name. After the album was released in 2000, it was a massive hit and the top singles ‘Most Girls’, ‘There You Go’ and ‘You Make Me Sick’ were on the top charts. Pink’s debut album was like that of Michael Jackson; they both have known success with their first debut album. It is true that Michael Jackson still lives in the hearts of many people today, through his first songs. For instance, at Aspers Casino Online, you will find Michael Jackson King of Pop slots, which is a huge success. This slot game features the songs of the top singer, and gives you the opportunity to win big.

Despite this huge success, Pink was far from being satisfied. She didn’t want to be one of those pretty singers, she wanted deeper and edgier sound. It is only after recording for the soundtrack of Moulin Rouge that Pink found her vocation. In the same year, she launched her second album “Get The Party Started” which climbed to the top 5. She then carried on with ear-catching albums like “Try This”, “Trouble” and “I’m not Dead” which got her a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Ever since, Pink has been surprising her fans with songs that reject the norms of society and teaches them to live for themselves.

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