The Busy Couples Article To Planning A Classy And Sophisticated Wedding

So, you’ve popped the question and it’s all very exciting, but the conundrum remains. You both work and have pretty packed schedules, plus you don’t want a half-baked, thrown together at the last minute wedding – you want a classy and sophisticated affair that people will remember. So, what’s your plan of attack? You’ll certainly need one if you want to pull of the wedding of your dreams! Here are some tips for busy people on how to plan their dream wedding around their schedules, and how to organise themselves. It is very possible to have a great wedding, and keep your careers (and relationship!) intact.

Organise Your Outfits Early

What the bride and groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing is one of the most important parts of the wedding – no joke. Therefore, it’s important to establish not only what your wedding party is wearing, but also what dress code the wedding will have. If it’s ‘black tie’, let your guests know early so the guys can organise their men’s black ties (and have ample time to rush out to modern fashion stores like Politix if their wardrobe is a little lacking). The girls will already have a few fancy frocks, but they’ll also want time to find another one or two! Give people notice – otherwise you might have some disgruntled wedding-goers! In addition, get your groomsmen and bridesmaids outfits organised early – you want enough time for the inevitable last minute alterations, that’s for sure.

Pinterest Boards

When it comes for choosing colour schemes, wedding cakes, styles and floral arrangements, Pinterest will be your BEST friend. It’s great for ensuring you’re both on the same page with the style of your wedding, as well as any wedding planners, caterers or designers you may bring on board to help your wedding come to life. Create different boards on Pinterest and pin different classy wedding themed photos into them. There are squillions of wedding themed pins on Pinterest – you’re sure to find something sophisticated that conveys what you want.

Set The Date And Book The Venue As Soon As Possible

One of the biggest problems for busy couples is deciding when to have the wedding. If you want a classy venue, you have to set the date and get in early. With such busy schedules, finding an appropriate date might be hard, but once it’s agreed on you must work around it – it is your wedding day after all! If you’ve got a date to work towards, then all the planning can properly begin. Nothing worse than being stuck with a venue that’s not the one of your dreams – you only get one wedding (we hope!).

Planning a wedding when both parties are exceptionally busy can be tricky, however being organised and focussed on common goals and wants is the key to a successful planning period. A sophisticated, classy wedding can definitely be pulled off by busy people, as long as you’re both prepared to put aside a smidge of your schedules for the common good – your wedding!

What are your best wedding planning tips for those busy bees out there?

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