The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Diamonds


Image by: Randi Deuro

Unless people have money to burn, they do not usually just go out and spend lots of cash on diamond jewellery. For most people, when they purchase a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, it is something that has been planned and saved for over a long period of time. If you are looking to save some money when buying diamond rings, then you could look to purchasing loose diamonds together with other friends or family. There are plenty of goldsmiths and jewellers that can make bespoke items of jewellery from precious stones and metals that you provide. This is a good way to save money on the overall cost, whilst not scrimping on the quality of the finished item.

Weddings Are Like Buses!

If you notice within your circle of friends and family, events seem to happen close together such as weddings and engagements. This means that if you are planning your wedding, you will most likely know other people who are looking to get married within the same sort of time. Speak to your friends and family and ask them about their engagement rings and wedding rings. If they are looking to purchase these, then you can pool together and purchase certified diamonds from a supplier of wholesale diamonds in Australia, saving you all money! If you all use the same goldsmith, then you may also get a group discount on the cost of producing your wedding or engagement rings.

Quality Wholesale Diamond Suppliers

A quick search in the Internet will show many results for wholesale diamonds online, so you will need to do some research on all of the companies, which appear in the results. Searching forums may also reveal personal experiences of people’s dealings with the companies that you are looking at buying your wholesale diamonds from. The Internet can be a valuable tool in assisting you to find a reputable diamond dealer, who only deals with certified diamonds. Making sure that your diamonds are certified is essential because otherwise, you may be buying conflict diamonds, which is illegal to trade in. These conflict diamonds are diamonds which come from warzones, and the proceeds of which go to fund rebellions.

Finding a Skilled Artisan

When you have purchased your loose diamonds, you will now need to find a good quality goldsmith that will be able to make the design that you require. This process will be exactly the same as finding a wholesale diamond supplier, and can be done quite easily in a couple of hours of searching the internet. Most goldsmiths will also be able to supply the precious metals required for your design, such as gold or platinum. Make sure that you ask to see examples of working before you commit to commissioning any work. Then when you are ready and have made a decision as to whose services you are going to use, you can get everyone’s wedding rings and engagement rings, made at the same time. Just remember to ask for a group discount!

Avoiding the Jeweller’s Mark-Up

By buying your diamonds wholesale, as well as your precious metals for your rings, and commissioning a goldsmith to make your jewellery, you can avoid the massive mark-up that jewellers have on their products. Whilst saving money, you do not have to choose a lower standard, and can make sure that your rings are one of a kind, made to your bespoke requirements. By having your jewellery made in this way, you do not have to compromise on quality, to save money. Just make sure that you do your homework before buying anything, or committing to work being done. What a perfect way to start a marriage, giving your loved one something which is perfect, and as unique as they are!

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