The 10 Celebrity Women Who Influence British Fashion Sense Revealed

The fact that women want to look their best regardless of their age is no secret. Similarly, it is known that women regularly look towards celebrity icons for inspiration for dress sense, but also lifestyle choices. UK fashion retailer Bonmarche has completed a piece of research that looked into which celebrity women were the greatest inspirations for those over the age of 45, which is the store’s target demographic. Not only did the research reveal some interesting results overall, it also revealed changing attitudes depending on age groups, and depending on geographical location.


One thing that unites women all over the globe is that they want to look their very best, regardless of their age. How they define “their very best”, however, varies significantly. That said, what does seem to be true across the board is that women’s sense of style changes as they age, and as fashion changes.

UK-based fashion store Bonmarche has recently conducted a study to determine who, in their target demographic of women over the age of 45, was the greatest celebrity inspiration in terms of style and fashion sense. The survey covered England, Scotland, and Wales, and revealed some very interesting results. Specifically, it revealed some key similarities and differences in various age ranges, but also in geographical locations.

Looking at women aged between 45 and 54, the top 10 celebrity women cited as fashion inspirations were:

  1. Helen Mirren, who is loved for her sophistication in particular. 19.2% of women are inspired by her.
  2. Jennifer Anniston, who women love because of her girl-next-door look, her golden tan, her beautiful hair, and her healthy lifestyle. 16.3% of women are inspired by her.
  3. Meryl Streep, who, like Helen Mirren, is loved for her sophistication. 14.5% of women are inspired by her.
  4. Joanna Lumley, who is in inspirational because of her sophisticated style, but also her down to earth attitude to life. 13.5% of women are inspired by her.
  5. Nicole Kidman, who inspired 10.3% of women.
  6. Elle MacPherson, who inspired 10% of women.
  7. Julie Walters, who inspired 8.1% of women.
  8. Jane McDonald, who inspired 5.9% of women.
  9. Salma Hayek, who inspired 5.4% of women.
  10. Ruth Langsford, who inspired 4.8% of women.

A key element of interest in the Bonmarche study was that the results for women in the age group of 55 to 64 were exactly the same as for those aged between 45 and 54. Meanwhile, there were some slight changes, particularly in the top 3, for women over the age of 65. Their fashion icons are:

  1. Helen Mirren, who continues to be loved for her sophistication, mentioned by 28.4% of women, a significant increase.
  2. Meryl Streep.
  3. Joanna Lumley.

What this suggests is that women over 65 gear more towards sophistication than towards the girl-next-door look. The exception, however, is in Scotland, where Jennifer Anniston actually takes first place for inspirational fashion icons, mentioned by 27.8% of women over the age of 65.

Bonmarche’s e-commerce manager was very interested in the results of this study, and what it means in terms of a woman’s changing attitude towards fashion. What she noticed most of all, however, is that women, regardless of their age, consistently want to look their very best. She says:

“Looking fabulous at any age is easy and achievable – as proven by women such as Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Anniston: they are in shape, dress for their body types and give off a healthy and confident vibe. It’s no wonder women across the United Kingdom take fashion cues from them.”

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