Assuredly, it comes to a point in the life a wanderer when they want to try something different from all the adventures they’ve ever had. Certainly, motorcycle tours in Thailand is another kind of adventure entirely that every adventurous person should try.


This road trip offers you the chance to see and capture the stunning scenery that twists through the jungle and geographical formations that change from lines into real landscapes. Land travels are lengthy and tiring most times when there is nothing to keep you engaged.

But, this loop is a three-day budget friendly motorcycle tour around Takhek and across central Laos. Also, the whole tour revolves around the Takhek Travellers Lodge with bookshelves filled with travelers tips, stories and hand-drawn maps in scrapbooks.

Certainly, before you start to explore the different motorcycle tours in Thailand, you would love to learn from the vast knowledge of travelers who traveled the loop before you. The books in Takhek Travellers Lodge bookshelves are filled with helpful information like places you can stay, routes and beautiful things you should not miss.

The motorcycle for this road trip costs about $13 daily, but make sure you take the motorcycle for a spin before you decide on it. The loop motorcycle tour in Thailand route has little villages so you wouldn’t want your motorcycle to break down in the rural area Laos.

To begin the loop motorcycle tour in Thailand, you can either ride north or south. But, according to the scrapbooks, if you head south you will encounter the difficult roads first. Moreover, riding north is the best way to go for beginners with little motorcycle experience.

Highway 13 road is smooth and it is the first highway in this loop motorcycle tour in Thailand. Assuredly, this highway is wide and lined with tiny villages where you can stop for a delicious bowl of noodles. Nonetheless, if you are going to sit on the passenger seat for the loop motorcycle tour in Thailand, I would advise you pack a pillow.

Highway 8 is the next highway in the loop motorcycle tour in Thailand. It spirals through the mountains and provides you with breathtaking views of the countryside. You have to be cautious on this highway as the road becomes more narrow. Besides, the Laotian drivers on this highway are thoughtless.

On this highway, ensure you drive carefully and don’t take your eye off the road while admiring the beautiful landscape. Also, you can make a quick stop at the Kong Lo caves on this highway.

But, you will need to hire a boatman to take you across the 7km length of the cave system. Furthermore, you need to have a good rest in a small village near Kong Lo before you ride through road 8B.

Road 8B is the worst road on this loop and once you enter the road everything changes. The pretty mountains you admired disappear and the road changes from smooth pavement to mud minefields of potholes. Assuredly, the pillow on a passenger’s seat will not help you on this road.

Ride carefully on this road until you reach a town before Takhek, where you can refuel, eat lunch and spend the night before heading to Takhek the next morning.


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