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On August 6th, 2011 in Gallery

Earlier this week EA revealed the pre-order bonuses for the US market, and Best Buy offered a set of 8 multiplayer skins for players — 4 on the US and Russian sides. The new skins resemble the SpecAct kit in Bad Company 2, however, this time only the player skins are included, not weapon skins. The above image shows the US Marine version of the skins. Read on for the Russian skins, which look a bit more bad ass, in our humble opinion :) Both pictures are in 1080p resolution, unwatermarked. READ ON »

On June 15th, 2011 in News

BF3 SpectAct kit

EA’s Battlefield 3 pre-order features have not only sparked intense debate and confusion, but a boycott as well. To add more to the bon fire, the Swedish part of European retailer GAME has unveiled yet another pre-order bonus: the “SpecAct Kit”, which contains “eight unique multiplayer skins” — pretty much like the unique uniforms found in the SpecAct Kit in Bad Company 2 (pictured above).

While this is another pre-order bonus which for now seems to be limited to Sweden, it doesn’t appear to offer any advantage to players, unless of course, it includes new types of camouflage that hide players better than the regular multiplayer skins.

So far the offer seems to be limited only to Sweden, but retailer GAME is available throughout Scandinavia and Europe, and it’s safe to assume other territories will see a similar pre-order bonus.

Thanks to Johan for the tip!