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On November 2nd, 2011 in Site news

Our main BF3Blog platoon on Battlelog has grown tremendously, in fact, we’re in the top 10 most popular platoons on Battlelog, with almost 600 fans. Now we’ve created additional platoons for our console fans out there, so go ahead and apply and don’t forget to become a fan of all platoons as well!

BF3Blog platoons:

We’re accepting memberships in our PS3 and Xbox 360 platoons, while the general platoon is¬†unfortunately¬†full. But you can become a fan and apply to all 3 platoons, we’ll start accepting as soon as platoon size increase, which will hopefully happen soon.

On October 24th, 2011 in News

Just 12 hours from launch, Battlelog has opened its doors to everyone! In case you don’t know, Battlelog is the service used to launch Battlefield 3on PC, find multiplayer server, manage platoons, and more. While there appears to be plenty of populated multiplayer servers available, those appear to be accessible to players in the right time zone — players in the US will have to wait for about 12 more hours before getting their game on. While you’re waiting, make sure to join the official BF3Blog platoon in Battlefield 3!