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On May 3rd, 2012 in News

BF3 patchThe latest Battlefield 3 patch, released a few weeks ago, was eagerly awaited by gamers, and it fixed a lot of issues and balanced out some things. However, not everyone is pleased. We all have our opinions on the new patch, and depending on whom you ask, some of the weapons have been nerfed too much, some have been buffed too much, etc. DICE’s Patrick Bach responded to patch criticism in a recent interview, saying:

“The biggest challenge when you release a big patch like this is to wait. Because we know that if you have a favourite gun that we have balanced down or you score in a certain way by doing certain things and then we nerfed that down then you will get upset, period.”

Bach continued, saying that they don’t listen to the individual complaints, but to the community as a whole when it comes to tweaking the battlefield 3 gameplay.

“People do not care and they do not know about the big picture, but we do. Because we don’t care about single individuals, we care about everyone. We try to make sure that everyone has a great time and that the balance is overarching. So we have a lot of statistics, we look at all the data and we try to listen to people and ask ‘is this really an issue?’. And in most of the cases it is not an issue.”

We hear you, DICE, but you still gotta get of your behinds and fix the M26 glitch, pronto. Oh, and consider making the tanks not made out of cardboard.