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On November 28th, 2011 in Videos

A few weeks ago we saw a Back to Karkand trailer showcasing Strike At Karkand for Battlefield 3, and this time, EA released a trailer for another Back To Karkand map: Gulf Of Oman, which looks just as impressive. Back to Karkand will be released in December, for more details, check out our full Back To Karkand page, which has all the info you need.

On November 9th, 2011 in Gallery

Back To Karkand screenshots
With the reveal of the recent gameplay videos of Back to Karkand, EA also managed to release three new screenshots which give us a closer, more high-resolution look of the Gulf of Oman map. Now all we need are some screenshots of Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula — the two other maps in Back to Karkand.

On November 8th, 2011 in Videos

Gaming outfit GameSpot has posted two new videos showing off some Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand gameplay, with videos of the maps Strike At Karkand and Gulf of Oman being played on the PlayStation 3. It looks quite impressive, bringing back that “desert” and “middle eastern” feeling we’ve missed in Battlefield 3. The video above shows Strike at Karkand, the Gulf of Oman video is after the break. READ ON »

On October 27th, 2011 in News

BF3 gulf of oman
The first Battlefield 3 expansion/DLC, called Back to Karkand, will offer 4 maps that have been remade for Battlefield 3. The maps won’t be recreated block for block, but will bring some changes and updates with them.

A new competition from DICE gives players the chance to name a control point in the new version of Gulf of Oman, one of the most popular Battlefield 2 maps. DICE’s new design philosophy is that the new Gulf Of Oman is set “a few years later in time than the original battles”. For a comparison, they’ve released the above screenshots, showing Gulf of Oman’s “beach” capture point in Battlefield 2, and its remake in Battlefield 3. You can check out the competition here.

To all BF2 fans out there, what do you think of Gulf of Oman’s new look?

On October 12th, 2011 in News

A lot of Battlefield fans have complained about the map layout of the Battlefield 3 maps we’ve seen so far, which have flags/capture points that are significantly closer to each other than comparable maps in Battlefield 2. We thought it’d be funny to summarize the feelings of the community in a mockup of Gulf of Oman for Battlefield 3.

Be advised: a sense of humor is required to enjoy the below comparison.

Gulf of Oman in Battlefield 2

Gulf of Oman BF2

Gulf of Oman in Battlefield 3

Gulf of Oman BF3

On May 26th, 2011 in News

BF3 gulf of oamn

DICE has unveiled the final two maps in the Back to Karkand deal, the classic maps Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula. With that, DICE revealed the new concept art for the maps, and they stress that it’s still early concept art only meant to “get a feel for what these new versions could feel like”. The concept art for Gulf of Oman is above, the Sharqi Peninsula one below:
bf3 sharqi peninsula

Previous Back to Karkand maps:

Strike at Karkand and Wake Island.