Stay in fashion: stay in good health

Fashion isn’t all about natty clothes, long-legged models on catwalks and designers barking insults at their underlings. No, the key to great fashion relies on one thing – a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why you’ll never see Johnny Vegas or Michael Moore modelling the latest Karl Lagerfeld collection. Whether we like it or not, the world of high fashion is dominated by those with healthy skin, svelte figures and muscular frames.

But if your skin is blotchy, your figure bloated and your muscles as well defined as jelly, then fear not – try a few of these tips and you’ll be playing the fashionistas at their own game in no time.

Sort out your skin

Looking after your skin is vital to looking good. But what if your pores are blocked from a lifetime of heavily caked makeup and a poor diet? What if you’re just naturally spotty?

Well, there’s a cream for that. Proactiv, the latest lotion of the stars, is specially developed to give you pore-perfect skin. There are a ton of others, of course, all claiming to be “MIRACLE CURES!” and “SKIN REJUVENATORS!” But for our money, Proactiv is your best bet.

Your 15 a day

Exercise seems like such a hassle, doesn’t it? You’ve got to get up from your settee, turn off Game of Thrones, put down your Domino’s Pizza and actually move?!??!?

For some, it doesn’t bear thinking about. But without a dollop of exercise in your daily routine, you’ll always look as fashionable as a spotty teenager playing World of Warcraft.

If you’re exercise averse, then try this – take 15 minutes out of your day to fit in a short, sharp burst of exercise to get yourself in shape. Once you’ve grown used to this, you can slowly but surely extend your exercise time by five minutes. Do this in slow increments and you’ll soon be fighting fit and ready for the catwalk.

Make food a hero

If you’re living on a diet of junk food, ready meals, chocolate and takeaways, then you’ll never be rubbing shoulders with Cara Delavigne.

It’s a problem infecting everywhere, admittedly – the entirety of Britain and the US is suffering from an obesity epidemic, with waistlines about as stylish as an Austin Powers tribute act.

Change your diet to fit in a load of superfoods (fruit, veg and other highly nutritious ingredients) that will have you shedding pounds and maintaining your energy.

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