Reasons why you should hire a lawyer in your Workplace accident case

Do you know that you can be paid and compensated for damages emanating from injuries sustained at workplace accidents? Accidents are common in today’s workplaces, especially with the ever-increasing machinery at work stations. If you are injured while at work in albany, ny, your first course of action should be retaining a workplace accident lawyer for free consultation and evaluation of your case’s particulars.

All employees are protected by various state laws, whether permanently employed or retained for short term gains. Workplace accidents that can lead to severe injuries include electrocution and burns, roof and ladder falls, forklift accidents, toxic exposure, explosion, heavy equipment accidents, and machinery defects accidents. If you have a loved one who unfortunately lost his/her life in workplace accidents, you can also sue for a wrongful accident, and a workplace accident lawyer will help you navigate the system.

As far as you are entitled to liability compensation, lawyers can also help you file for third-party liability damages.

However, you must also note that not all types of accidents will need you to retain the services of a lawyer. These situations include when your employer admits liability, when you suffer a minor injury or when you have a pre-existing injury to the currently injured area.

So, why should you retain a lawyer in your workplace accident case? Well, here are the reasons:


  • Contingency fee

Workplace accident claims are handled on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning that your lawyer will not charge any upfront costs. It also means that you’ll only pay for the legal services rendered once your compensation claim is awarded. However, you must ensure that your attorney is clear about his legal fees and any other additional charges before commencing the case. You must also have such an agreement in writing to avoid any payment disputes in the future.

  • Knowledge of the law

The laws surrounding employment compensation are complicated, especially if the worker involved isn’t permanently employed. It even limits the defense that an employer can raise, and that is how an experienced lawyer will help negotiate for the best settlement. Remember, work accident lawyers have been on the game for a while, and they’ll know the right holes to poke if it’s business. That is why you must retain someone enthusiastic, who will have your interest at heart.

  • Potential third-party claims

As mentioned earlier, you can get involved in a workplace accident that implicates both your employer and another third-party. For instance, if you drive your employer’s truck to the loading zone and get hit by a negligent driver, both your employer and the other party are entitled to compensate you. However, such compensation will require a knowledgeable lawyer to determine how much each party will pay.

  • Real-time compensation

Lastly, you might also consider hiring a lawyer for speedy compensation. Workplace accident claims can be lengthy and costly, especially if other parties join the case. A lawyer will ensure that you get your compensation as soon as possible by doing everything possible, even if it means negotiating out of court. An experienced lawyer will evaluate your case prior to filing the claim and know the true value. Consequently, he will walk into the negotiation panel, knowing how much to ask for, and the reasons for the same. He would not settle for lowball compensation unless you hired someone whose interest is compromised and is aligned to the defendants. That is why it is imperative to retain someone who represents plaintiffs in such cases.

Finally, workplace accidents can be the most trying moments in your life. Whether you score the compensation or not, it isn’t the end of life. Be rest assured that your lawyer will also ensure that you access quality specialized medical care if there is a need to.


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