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On June 4th, 2011 in News


In the midst of all the rumors, speculations and anticipation up to E3, it’s good with a little humor once in a while. A few Battlefield 3 fans went in depth on the new Modern Warfare 3 trailer — and we mean in depth. Apparently, as the screen-cap shows above, Modern Warfare 3 won’t use bullets :) Or maybe it’s just that DICE cares more about the details in Battlefield 3.

Perhaps Activision will sell bullets separately in Modern Warfare 3. Or perhaps the magazine is a solid piece of metal and the rifle shreds pieces off and slings them towards the enemy.

Either way, it’s great with a little humor between the arch rivals of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

Thanks for the tip, Joel!

On June 3rd, 2011 in News

Battlefield 3 E3
DICE has posted another entry on their blog, detailing what will be shown of Battlefield 3 at E3, and they also revealed new information and features about the game. Battlefield 3 will have new trailers, screenshots and videos at E3, and both singleplayer and multiplayer will be shown.


DICE will show off Battlefield 3 multiplayer with a new map called “Operation Métro”, where, according to DICE, it will be possible to mount weapons, disable vehicles, go prone, and more. Furthermore, a new game mode, Team Deathmatch, has been confirmed, but won’t be shown at E3.


A brand new feature has been announced for Battlefield 3, called “Battlelog”, which is a website where players will be able to check their stats and progress, manage squads, create platoons, add friends, and more. Battlelog won’t be shown at E3.

We’ll have a lot more in-depth coverage at E3 next week.

On June 2nd, 2011 in News

BF3 vs MW3
The FPS scene will see a true heavyweight battle this November, as the two biggest shooter franchises will go head to head: Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3. Game industry analysts have predicted that Modern Warfare 3 will outsell Battlefield 3, but EA doesn’t share that opinion. According to EA’s senior vice president Jens Uwe, Battlefield 3 will outsell Modern Warfare 3. When asked if Battlefield 3 will outsell Modern Warfare 3, he said:

“Certainly. The only question is when that day will be. And for me, the sooner the better. With Battlefield 3 we have a superior games engine and a top notch product. We are convinced that we will, in fact, have a better product than our key competitor in the space. We think this is the perfect year to gain back market share.”

Of course, this is nothing unusual, as EA, like any publisher, needs to sustain consumer and investor confidence. The last Battlefield game, Bad Company 2, sold 7 million units, while the last Call of Duty game, Black Ops, sold twice that: 14 million. Most expect Battlefield 3 to top 10 million units sold, and Modern Warfare to sell north of 15 million.

However, Call of Duty has never had any real competition, something Battlefield 3 will most certainly provide this November. It’s a safe bet that both games will do really well, but who comes out on top is still up in the air.

On May 31st, 2011 in Site news

At ease, Battlefield fans!

We receive a large amount of emails asking us questions on the game, our opinions, our predictions and what not, but for the most part, it’s little questions like “how many players will BF3 support on consoles”?

To take care of all those little Qs and As, we’ve created a Battlefield 3 FAQ, where we list the most frequently asked questions. And answer them, of course. So if you’re wondering about something, head over to our BF3 FAQ and check it out, and if there’s a question that’s not on the list, feel free to ask it in the comments section of the page, and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Furthermore, we’ve added several new pages where we round up information on Battlefield 3 features, for instance, check out our Back To Karkand page for all the details on the Back To Karkand DLC. Also, we’ve got a Battlefield 3 Multiplayer page and Battlefield 3 singleplayer page — which we’ll keep updated as new information is revealed.

If you have any thoughts or comments, please let us know by posting a comment. Also, don’t forget to check out our forums!

E3 2011

We’re gearing up to E3 like all the other gaming sites out there, we’ve got two of our writers heading to Los Angeles later this week to cover E3 and Battlefield 3, and we’ll make sure to post all the news and updates regarding BF3 (and maybe a bit on the BF3 competitors).

Stay tuned for our full E3 coverage!

On May 30th, 2011 in Editorial

BF3 commo rose

One of the new additions Battlefield 2 offered was a slick new interface nicknamed “Commo rose” by the players (commo = communication, rose = it appears as a flower). When the player held down the Q key, a menu would pop up with a wide selection of communication choices, depending on the situation. The player could quickly ask for support, ask for help, ammo, and so on.

This was removed in Bad Company 2, where the player would simply point at an object and hit Q. If you wanted ammo, you first had to find a player who could resupply you, only then could you ask for ammo. And this only worked some of the time. There was no way of going in-depth with the communication between players, not even a simple way of saying “thanks” when another player helped out with something.

We hope Battlefield 3 returns this great way of communicating with other players, as it was a much needed feature in Bad Company 2, at least for PC players who were grown accustomed to it in BF2 and BF2142.

BF3 Wish series:

On May 29th, 2011 in Videos

By now we’ve see a lot of in-depth trailer breakdowns of Battlefield 3 — some which take themselves way too seriously. Not YouTube user “Jericho”, who does funny, fast speaking trailer breakdowns, this time he takes on the Battlefield 3 trailer.

On May 28th, 2011 in Gallery, News

Battlefield 3 Strike at Karkand
EA’s game show Pwned yesterday revealed some new footage from Battlefield 3, specifically, it showed a direct comparison between the Battlefield 2 and BF3′s version of Strike At Karkand — in fact, it was the first time we caught a glimpse of a Battlefield 3 multiplayer map. And judging from the first “pre-alpha” Strike At Karkand, it looks a lot more lush, colorful and realistic than the previous Karkand. We’ve got two more comparisons after the break. READ ON »

On May 27th, 2011 in News, Videos

EA’s game show Pwned visited DICE for their latest episode, where they interviewed DICE developers and got in depth with some of Battlefield features and technology. With that, new Battlefield 3 footage was shown as well, showcasing the animation system — which looks impressive — some peeks at the new Karkand — which looks amazing as well — and a lot of other details. The new episode is definitely a must watch for BF3 fans.

Thanks to our reader Morris and others who sent in this tip!

On May 26th, 2011 in News

BF3 gulf of oamn

DICE has unveiled the final two maps in the Back to Karkand deal, the classic maps Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula. With that, DICE revealed the new concept art for the maps, and they stress that it’s still early concept art only meant to “get a feel for what these new versions could feel like”. The concept art for Gulf of Oman is above, the Sharqi Peninsula one below:
bf3 sharqi peninsula

Previous Back to Karkand maps:

Strike at Karkand and Wake Island.

On May 25th, 2011 in News

BF3 voice over
According to recent tweets from DICE voice over producer Tomas Danko, Battlefield 3 will feature the largest amount of voice over variations “ever recorded for a multiplayer FPS”, and that there are over 300 variations of “man down” event. Danko also revealed they’re not recording any Chinese voice over sounds, meaning we might not be seeing the return of the Chinese faction in Battlefield 3. Danko tweeted:

Crunching right now, all recordings done soon. No chinese, sorry!

Danko also tweeted several more bits of details, for instance, foreign language voice over will have the option of being said in English, but unlike other Battlefield games, this time, they’ll be said in “broken English”, with an accent. Danko also said there’s a lot more swearing in Battlefield 3 than in Bad Company 2, which itself had a lot of explicit words.

Thanks for the tip, Josh!

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