Need Help Saving Money on Your Wedding Budget? Look No Further!

In the world of grand events, a wedding is right at the top of the list! However, like all things on the list, a wedding can also come with a grand price. However, it doesn’t have to.


If you are starting to plan your wedding and are quickly realizing that your ideal wedding is looking like it will cost you more than you can reasonably afford, below are some great and easy to implement tips to help.


Do You Really Need a Florist?

Have you noticed that your florist charge is one of the highest of your list of line items? It’s no secret that florists are expensive, however, do you really need one?


Browse online and find a range of wedding bouquet ideas that you like which you can create yourself. Then, with these pictures, take an early morning trip to visit your local flower market and speak with vendors about prices they can give you for the flowers directly.


Then, the morning of your wedding, you and your bridesmaids can gossip and get ready while preparing your bouquets! While they may not be as extravagant as you would have loved, with enough time and care you can certainly make something more than worthy of your big event.


While You Are at It, How About a Wedding Photographer?

Back in the day when it was a luxury to own a camera, couples needed to hire professional wedding photographers to capture their moments. However, nowadays, disposable cameras available at your local drug store are able to take great shots worthy of a wedding album.


With this in mind, consider swapping the high-cost of a wedding photographer for disposable or even low-cost cameras which you can place on your guest’s tables. Armed with these devices your guests can capture a range of candid moments which a professional photographer could never get. Additionally, these can also be used by your guests to take your official wedding photos, giving your album more of a third-person aspect, as if the album was showing you the wedding through your guest’s eyes.


Learn to Do Your Own Makeup

Another high-cost for a wedding is often the makeup artist. And while they can definitely do a great job which can save you time on the day, by simply watching the right videos and a few great kohl’s coupons from Groupon Coupons, you and your bridesmaids can all capably apply your own makeup which would rival the quality of a professional makeup artist!


When watching tutorial videos, be sure to broaden your range and now just watching tutorials on how to apply traditional wedding makeup. While you will want to look beautiful, don’t be afraid to incorporate other aspects of makeup which can help to bring out more of your own personality alongside your bridal beauty.


There is no getting around the reality that weddings can be a costly affair, however, if planned correctly and by utilizing the right tips, like the ones above, more brides can have the special day they always dreamed about without breaking their budget.

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