How To Dress Your Baby

Dressing up a baby has little to do with style (unless yours is a model or social media influencer already) and everything to do with comfort. Babies are exceptionally delicate, and anything that comes in contact with their skin can either feel very good or very bad. It is therefore essential that you make well-informed shopping choices with every consideration to several factors, including their comfort and safety. Your baby’s cloth options may also change depending on prevailing weather and climatic conditions. This guide gives some tips that will help you dress your baby appropriately:


When it is cold, you may need to add some extra layers of clothing to your baby. The tiny body is not able to generate enough warmth. It is advisable to dress the baby in a diaper and a shirt or vest under their pyjamas. You can then wrap them in a warm blanket.

It is essential to check the layers of clothes you put on your baby. Instead of stacking them up, have them wear just two or three layers of warm clothes with some warm socks and gloves if necessary.

Too many clothes may not be safe for the baby for many reasons, one being that they may suffocate the baby or prevent them from breathing properly. The clothes may also restrict movement, making them very irritable. It is also important to note that babies may overheat even in cold weather, so they must wear just enough clothes to stay warm.

When it is hot, it is safe to strip it down to a layer or two.


Some baby clothes come with loose parts such as strings and ribbons. Babies like to put things in their mouths, so if not watched carefully, they may choke on such pieces of clothes. It is therefore essential to make sure that your baby’s clothes, especially baby girl clothes, do not come with loose parts.

Clothes that are too big for your baby may create folds that could suffocate your baby. Make sure that you get the right fit that is neither too large nor too small. The same goes for bedding; if its too big, the baby may get tangled and suffocate or event twist their head or limbs. Poorly fitted clothes will also make the baby uncomfortable and irritable.


The top and back of the baby’s head is not usually fully developed when they are born. Your doctor, nurse or midwife may tell you this and show you ways to handle the baby without touching them there. This part is susceptible as it exposes the baby’s brain.

When dressing up a newborn, it is crucial to avoid clothes that have to pass over their heads. Instead, you can get those with zippers, buttons and Velcro so that they can wear them comfortably around shoulders without having to involve the head.

If you need to go out with the baby, you could also bring a cap or a baby hat. It will protect them from exposure to anything that could hurt them there while also protecting them from weather elements.


Some moms have found that swaddling their babies makes them less irritable and makes them sleep faster. Swaddled newborns feel more secure as the blankets imitate the womb environment which they were used to before they were born.

Here’s a basic way to swaddle your baby if you don’t know how:

  1. Spread the blanket on a smooth and soft surface.
  2. Fold in one corner
  • Place the baby on the blanket with their head on the folded corner
  1. Fold the left corner of the blanket over your baby’s left arm (straighten it first) and across their body then tuck it between their right arm and body.

The right corner should be wrapped over the right arm, over their body and under the left side of the baby’s body.

  1. Fold the bottom corner and bend it over backwards to lie behind the baby’s legs.

While swaddling your baby, make sure that the blanket is not too tight and that they have enough space to move in. Be careful not to cover the baby’s face.


The material used to make your baby’s clothes is important for many reasons.

You should first check to make sure that it is hypoallergic. This means that your baby should not be allergic to it. Some babies are born with allergies towards certain materials such as polyester.

While shopping for baby clothing, it would also be wise to make sure that they are breathable and allow sufficient aeration. A simple but effective way to check this is to hold the cloth close to a fan and see if it allows the air to pass through it. Breathable clothes are essential in temperature control to prevent overheating.

Comfort is also essential. The clothes should be soft and should not change the texture when washed.


In conclusion, dressing your baby is easy because unlike the way most adults dress, it is more about safety and comfort rather than style. Babies, especially newborns, are very delicate and their skin is very sensitive to what they wear. Your baby could simply throw a tantrum and completely reject a particular piece of clothing just because they don’t like the way it feels on their skin. As the parent, it is your responsibility to choose the best for them and make sure they wear it safely and properly.

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