How to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers

Wedding cakes are one of main centers of attraction for the wedding. It should complement the décor and themes well. By making the cake design unique, you can appeal more to your guests. One of the key décor elements for the wedding cake can be your wedding flowers. Fresh flowers create a better appeal than artificial decors. Wholesale flower arrangements will align well with the theme and even cost you less compared to normal cake fondants.

Precautionary measures

Safety comes first and we all understand that some flowers might be harmful for health. You need to take few precautionary measures while going through the process. Choosing the flower which is safe is essential. Here are few instructions that you must follow:

  • Choose safe flowers which are appropriate for cake décor

  • Consult with your florist and baker before making the decision

  • Before buying the flowers, do cross-check if they are used as edible garnish or not

  • Don’t forget to remove the flowers before serving

  • Opt for more durable flowers as the cake décor

Added benefitsMedium-hot-pink-peony-and-lily-spray

To get added benefits from this decision, you can create a team between your baker and floral designer where they together can create something innovative and unique from the cake. Also, sugar frosting or normal cake décor requires more money compared to the fresh flower décor on the wedding cake.

You can always utilize the cake flowers for your home décor or for creating floral accessories later on.

Floral supplies for the cake décorpictures-download-wedding-cake-decorations-flowers-of-wedding-cake-flowers

For creating a wholesale flower arrangement on the cake, you would require the following materials beforehand.

  • Floral cutters and tapes

  • Bleach water solution ( 500 mL bottle)

  • Hand towel

  • Floral scissors

  • Edible glaze spray

  • Straws

  • Glad press n seal

Steps for floral arrangementwedding-cake-flower-arrangements-14

At first you need to cut the stems according to the proportion of the cake and slash out the unwanted parts. Next dip in the stems in the bleach solution and lay on the towel for them to dry up. Then make small combination or bundles of flower and wrap them with floral wires or tape. Make sure you clean the floral wire beforehand. Now you will need to take the straws and cut them according to your desired shape.

Attach the floral bundles with the straw through glade press n seal folding. Next spray the backside of the flowers with spray gaze and wait until the flower bundles dry. Carefully check if you have sprayed the flower bundles properly so that a food safe surface is created. That is, harmful insecticides and pesticides are removed through the spray. Now you are good to go to start with your chosen wholesale flower arrangement.

The arrangement styleswedding-cakes-flowers-pairings-4

There are various arrangement styles for the wedding cake. Look for inspiration online or choose your own unique one. Arranging flowers around the base is a popular approach. Matching the colors of flower with the base fondant creates an interesting look for the cake.

Another style could be where you arrange the flowers similar to your own bouquet in the top of the cake. Pictures would come lovely in this style. You can also take a different approach by adjusting flowers just in between the layers of the cake. That is a simple yet effective style.

The choice of flowers

As mentioned before, safe flowers are more important than beautiful ones. Two to three varieties of flowers are good enough for the cake décor. If the cake is small, one large bloom is good enough or few small blooms. For a bigger cake, you have the liberty to innovate and create something different.

Taking blooms of different shapes and sizes could be an interesting arrangement for the cake where you cascade the flowers size-wise. Our personal favorite is the alternate combination of roses and succulents. The flowers are common and are available as wholesale flowers.

To create something impactful, you would need to go out of your way and do something different. Fresh flowers for wedding cake is a budget friendly approach yet something unique for the wedding but you need to be extra cautious about the flower selection in this regard. Health comes first compared to beauty.

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