Fashion Made Easy and Affordable

For most women, keeping up with fashion and staying fashionable can be a full time job. It doesn’t have to be; fashion can be simple and affordable too. Take cues from popular fashion websites that offer casual yet fashionable options. You don’t always have to be in formal or business attire to look your best and be in fashion. Staying in fashion doesn’t always have to mean throwing something out when it gets tattered or dirty, use our fashion hacks to help you keep what you have in good condition.

Too Fancy?

There is no need to always have to dress up in something fancy or formal to be in fashion. Casually stylish is the way to go. Not only will you still be in fashion, but you will be comfortable for everyday activities like school, the park, the coffee house, etc. A great example is our Neverland women’s track pants, since they come in different styles, you can find ones that are in tune with your taste and your unique look. High heels aren’t always necessary either. There are plenty of casual shoes that you can make word and be comfortable and ready for anything too.

Affordable Fashion

One way to make fashion more affordable is to increase the longevity of the clothes you have. We have put together 10 fashion hacks that will help clean or save your clothes from getting worn out:

  1. Use baby wipes to clean stains or deodorant marks on your clothes.
  2. Afraid a spill will stain your clothes? Pour talcum powder, baby powder or corn starch on the stain and let it sit before washing. It will pull some of the stain off of the fabric. This works well with oily stains.
  3. Something sticky like wax or gum get on your clothing? Use Pine Sol in the laundry to remove anything sticky on your clothes.
  4. Have a strapless dress that you don’t have the right bra for? Sew one into the dress so that it always fits right every time.
  5. Aerosol hairspray will prevent tights from running. If your tights or stockings already have a run, clear nail polish will stop it from going any further.
  6. Have suede shoes or clothing? Dirty suede can be difficult to clean and the look can be ruined very easily. Try using a nail file to get dry dirt off of your suede shoes. Another unlikely resource for cleaning suede is a stale piece of bread.
  7. Having a hard time getting the smell out of your gym bag? Try using a tea bag inside your sneakers, it will absorb the odors and keep your gym bag smelling fresh for less. Continually washing your sneakers will add to wear and tear. Deodorizing them will help them last longer.
  8. Have a red wine stain? Oddly enough white wine can help get red wine out of your clothes.
  9. Do you have a pair of shoes that are too small? Rather than giving them away stretch them out by putting a sealed bag filled with water in them and put them in the freezer. The water will expand as it freezes and stretch out your shoe for you.
  10. Did you get those yellow underarm stains on a white shirt? They never seem to come out in the wash, but if you spray them with lemon juice first, the stains will disappear.


Hopefully these tips, hacks, and short cuts will keep you in comfortably in fashion. Being fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank and it doesn’t always mean being fancy or formal. Casual fashion can be comfortable and match your mood as well as your style.

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