Empowered & Irresistible: A Feminist’s Beauty Checklist

Suntan lotions, waterproof mascaras, moisturizing highlighters – an average woman carries at least five beauty products inside of her handbag, leaving little to no room for things that scream sex appeal in a more authentic, no-makeup way. Armed with cosmetics, she declares herself as a fervent feminist.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, a girl would think that she’d finally be free to throw out her eyeshadow palette and make space for something substantial. To finally be considered beautiful even if beauty products don’t really concern her. To be able to be Sarah Connor instead of Wonder Woman.

For ladies that are both empowered and irresistible, here’s another kind of beauty checklist.

  1. Something Elevating: A Book

reading-on-grass_1600Beauty is in the eye of an observer, which can mean two things. For someone to see you as beautiful, you need to succumb to their personal, highly subjective aesthetic standards. And second, in order to enjoy beautiful things around you, you need to school your senses and make them receptive to beauty.

Books give you a chance to kill these two birds with a single papery stone. Read as often as you can, and you’ll exhume beauty and uniqueness. And, not only in a beauty-comes-from-within way. By refining all your senses, reading sharpens your eye for finesse and pervades you with remarkable taste.

  1. Something Spicy: A Sex Toy

The sexiest things have very little to do with what’s apparent. It’s exactly the subtlety that evokes mystery, and mystery has a way of tickling our wildest imagination. This is what the iconic little black dress is all about – it makes us feel sexy and powerful at the same time, all while revealing very little.

But, being a feminist doesn’t mean that you should entirely conceal your sexiness. It only means that you should regain control over your body, and enjoy its wonders however you see fit. To be your own boss in unleashing whatever it is that hides within you, do have a sex toy in your handbag at all times.

  1. Something Healthy: A Bottle of Water

01_what_happens_body_get_full_8_glasses_water_how_much_elenaleonovaWater is the ultimate beauty product. We’d go as far as to describe it as the holy grail of the entire cosmetics industry. Moisturizing has been long recognized as the foundation of all beauty regimens, but the industry keeps focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of creams and lotions, give us aqua pura.

So, along with her books and her sex toys, water is the third thing that an all-powerful lady should always have on her. The 8×8 rule, which is easy to remember, obliges you to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of this beauty potion, so get a good container and pour yourself a daily potion of health.

  1. Something Soothing: A Yoga Mat

Balanced nutrition and regular exercise are two pillars of health, so make some room for a foldable yoga mat as well. Not only will a few sessions per week make you more flexible in both bedroom and life, but it will also increase your muscle strength and tone, carving your sex appeal from deep within.

In case yoga is not your cup of tea, there’s plenty of dynamic exercises that you can squeeze into your schedule. It goes without saying that you can’t carry around weight plates, but a gym membership card will definitely fit into your ladylike wallet. Care for your health, and you’ll be strong and beautiful.

  1. Something Nerdy: A Personal Planner

A beauty contest without a Jessica Day is not a beauty contest at all. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who works like a captain but parties like a pirate, so make sure to stay well-organized whatever you do. This calls for a personal planner, be that a thick binder or a pocket-sized notebook.

It’s all about keeping your priorities straight, and what can be more important than your personal growth and development? A grown, independent woman is a sexy woman, and her beauty comes from her ability to be everywhere at the same time. Get a pen and paper, and start planning your life.


Sure, a set of five beauty products can keep both your makeup and your mood unsmudged all night long. Replace them with these five ordinary things, and the effect will be even stronger. You’ll have something to talk about, something to enjoy, and a few things more to keep you healthy and beautiful.

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