Easy Ways To Wear The Catwalk Trends

Being fashionable does not always have to be expensive. If you are resourceful and know how to express your own style, you can come up with an outfit that looks like it came straight from the latest runway show. You can shop at thrift stores or shop clothes online and still look like a million bucks. If you follow the trends and know where to look, you can have an outfit that will be the envy of your girlfriends for half the price!

  • Look for patterns. The catwalk can be full of patterns and designs that you can get from retail stores instead of designers. If you don’t have the budget for expensive clothes, be resourceful. There are plenty of retailers that offer the same patterns for cheap. Look for floral, gingham, paisley, and other patterns that will make your outfit pop. Remember, it’s not about having the same clothes you see on a model. It’s about exuding the style that you see on the runway and making it your own!
  • Decade clothing. Forties dresses are making a comeback on the runway. A cheaper alternative is to shop for vintage clothing or check out thrift stores for similar pieces. Fashion repeats itself and every so often, we see trends on the runway that were big fashion hits from decades ago. It might be time to raid your mother’s closet and see the treasures that you can find.
  • Go with colors. There are certain colors that you would see recurring on the runway. This means that particular color may be the color for next season. If you can’t follow the catwalk style, one thing you can do is wear the color of the season. Yellow is a big hit for 2015 spring/summer, so bring out those bright yellow dresses, blouses, and even leggings!
  • Check lookbooks. When you see a particular item that you want on the runway and you know you can’t afford one from the designer, the key is to check out lookbooks. There are plenty of online sources that will provide you a similar-looking item, but for a cheaper price. As mentioned previously, being fashionable does not mean you need your clothes to be expensive. If you find something similar to the item that you want for cheap, you’ve hit the fashion jackpot!
  • Do it with bags. Some fashion trends on the catwalk can be quite “out there”. Some of them include feathers and fringes. If you feel that you can’t wear something outrageous, you can opt to accessorize and do it with bags. Get a feathered or fringed bag and you will be the talk of the town.

These are some of the easy ways you can wear catwalk trends. The key is being creative and resourceful. If you have the sewing and designing skills, you can even create your own clothes that will fit you well and make you look like you walked straight out of a fashion show. Follow trends online and check magazines to see the latest trends in fashion. Soon, you can be the girl who everyone turns to for fashion advice!


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