Different styles of wearing Aran sweaters & jumpers – A perfect guide for a stylish man

The Aran sweater or the jumper is an extremely traditional knitted garment made by the Irish, which has been popular since many long years due to their warmth, waterproof qualities and durability. The authentic and the most credible Aran sweaters are usually off white in color but other light but beautifully soothing colors like creams, greens and blues. These sweaters were actually designed for the islanders to safeguard them from the extremely cold Irish climate but gradually due to their popularity, they’ve become available everywhere in the world. The cable-knit stitch pattern is a usual feature of Aran sweaters and you can wear them differently for different occasions. So how do you think you can enhance your style with such sweaters? Here are few ideas to take into account.

  • Creating the outdoor look

A conventional Aran sweater is perhaps the most perfect one for wearing outdoors, may be when you go out for fishing, BBQ parties or camping. As these sweaters are knit with thick, soft cable wool, this keeps you extremely warm and dry and also permits you to look stylish enough. You can even go with natural colors and the light shades as they can make you look really chic and fashionable.

  • Donning the ribbed sweater look

You can dress either up or down with the navy ribbed sweater but it is indeed a suitable one for all sorts of casual winter looks. This has got fitted sleeves and not loose ones and thereby your hands will be left open for performing tasks and strength can be added to your elbows. You can pair this Aran jumper with a figure-hugging navy shorts or a trouser.

  • Creating a buttoned-up look

Do you want to dress to impress? If answered yes, you can wear that pale blue chunky sweater and keep it fitted to your body. You can close the buttons of the sweater and wear it along with a shirt in order to create an extremely casual look. You may also pair it with a t-shirt. This can be worn at casual occasions too.

  • The cool look in a cashmere sweater

The cashmere sweaters are extremely stylish and they are almost a must-have for every gentleman. You can get yourself a highly textured Aran sweater with lattice knit detail on the front portion of the sleeves and the sweater should be fitted around the waist with a collar that has zip up its way.

  • Luck of the Irish

How about getting yourself some gorgeous mossy green shade which has got some fine detailing around the portion of your neck? The knit and the color will provide a countryside feel and will thereby make it a topmost choice for any kind of outdoor adventure or fishing trip.

Therefore, if you want to look stylish even after wearing Aran sweaters, take into account the style guide mentioned above. Make sure you get yourself the best color and get variety of every kind.

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