Choosing the best Jewellery Options for Children’s Gifts

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” Do you remember that line from the TV Show ‘The Wonder Years’?

I think it sums up the sentiment of gift-giving; especially when the receiver is a young child or teen. We use gifts to express our love and affection; and the best gifts stay in children’s memories for many years.

But what is the best gift you can give? Love, health, an iPad mini, a new Hyundai i30; all these are gifts that people will appreciate. For me, a trinket is always on everyone’s gift list. Even children. You can shop with the receiver’s personality in mind, and find an item that is unique to who they are. Some may regard giving children jewellery an unnecessary expense, but I beg to differ.

Children always remember and cherish their first pieces of jewellery; whether it’s a ring, bracelet or bangle. They can keep it for years, have it resized as they grow and may even pass them on to their children. While jewellery can be given to children on any occasion, popular ones are at their christening, birthdays, graduation etc. You may worry about choosing the right trinket for the child, but don’t fret. The following are some of the best gifts you can buy from a store, such as Bevilles, to give in different situations:

If this is your first baby or first time chosen as a god-parent, you may be confused about what kind of christening gift you should get. Instead of the standard baby clothes or rattles; but how about an inexpensive ID bracelet?

An ID bracelet with the little one’s name engraved, can be made in gold, sterling silver or platinum. What about giving the precious little girl, her first set of pearl earrings?

Adorable rings crafted from the finest precious metals can be given to toddlers at their milestone birthdays. Another alternative is individualised charm bracelets. Jewellery makers use a broad range of designs incorporating angels, animals, hearts, fairies, flowers etc. You can even purchase unique designs like the Irish Claddagh in really tiny sizes.

Teen birthdays can present a real headache to parents. Trying to help plan their ‘perfect’ day can backfire if your ideas of ‘perfect’ clash. One gift that will beat any new tech is a custom charm necklace. Using a pendant with charms or lockets that represent some of their favourite things, you can create a bespoke gift that your teen will cherish forever.

While most of these gifts seem geared towards girls, boys can also get trinkets made for them. From personalized baptismal bracelets with charms or letters attached to necklaces with cute pendants or birthstones, boys can also enjoy a bit of bling.

Young adults can also get personalized items at prom or graduation. These can range from watches with an inspirational message engraved, ID military-style tags to a matching necklace and earring set.


In a bid to keep your children looking stylish and trendy, be aware of the dangers of certain metals. There have been incidences where cheap trinkets are found to contain harmful compounds such as lead. When ingested, lead can cause learning difficulties in children. Cadmium has been associated with renal and haematological effects. Younger children are especially susceptible to injury, due to their habit of putting things in their mouths. Keeping these three rules in mind can help protect your toddler:

Remember a toddler’s skin is tender, so jewellery should not be worn for more than two or three hours at a time.
Be mindful of the stones in the jewels. They must not be loose and easily swallowed. To avoid the possibility of this happening, don’t leave them on for 24 hours.
Ensure you only buy premium materials for baby jewellery.

Buying jewellery for children is an investment; an investment in their happiness. The set of bracelets my grandma gave me as a child have been reworked into a charm bracelet I wear till this day. I fondly remember the days spent with Nan, cleaning my tiny collection, as a child. For the next occasion, think of jewels as an ideal gift; you will always remember and treasure the look of sheer delight on the child’s face.

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