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On June 7th, 2012 in News, Videos

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill won’t be out until September, but already we’re getting a ton of info on the expansion here at E3. EA showed Armored Kill behind closed doors at E3, running a map called Bandar Desert, which featured new vehicles such as ATVs, mobile artillery, and new, light-armored and faster tanks. There’s also a tank superiority mode, which wasn’t detailed at this point. Armored Kill will also introduce over 20 upgrades for tanks and armored vehicles.

Regarding the AC-130 gunship, it’s accessed by capturing and holding a specific control point on the map. However, the AC-130 cannot be flown, and instead automatically circles the control point. The AC-130 has no pilot, but seats 4 people: two gunners manning 125mm cannons, and two gunners manning the anti-air guns to protect against enemy jets and helicopters. The AC-130 also doubles as a mobile spawn point, but cannot be repaired against damage, which means it can be shot down by enemy ground and air forces. Head on after the break for some Armored Kill gameplay footage. READ ON »

On June 5th, 2012 in Videos

The latest Battlefield 3 trailer shows some new gameplay from the recently release Close Quarters DLC (on the PS3), and it shows the new game modes. One of the brand new game modes is called “Gun Master”, and it really, really reminds us of “Gun Play” from Counter-Strike. That’s the mode where you have to rake in a certain amount of kills with a gun before another gun unlocks and you move up the ladder. We’re not sure of Gun Master works 100% the same way, but it does seem similar. Close Quarters will be available for PC and Xbox 360 players on June 10.

UPDATE: Close Quarters has a confirmed release date for June 12 for Premium members and June 26 for non Premium members on the PC and Xbox 360.

On June 3rd, 2012 in Videos

Hurry up and watch the above video before EA pulls off the interwebs. The new Battlefield Premium trailer, meant to be “officially” unveiled at E3 tomorrow, shows some of the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, including Close Quarters and the very first look at Armored Kill. Battlefield Premium will go on sale in just a few days, alongside Close Quarters.

UPDATE: EA has removed the original trailer video. We’ve embedded a new one. People are constantly uploading copies to YouTube, and we’ll keep updating this page with the new video links as EA keeps pulling them. Fuck it.

UPDATE 2: We’ve updated the video again. If it gets taken down, feel free to share your links to other videos in the comments section.

On May 20th, 2012 in Videos

Operation Metro is one of the most hated and polarizing maps in Battlefield 3, mainly because it’s a very tight infantry map where most of the exploits are tested and abused, but also because it’s the one map where players can rake in lots of points without playing the objectives. We made this Battlefield 3 Operation Metro trailer to show just what this map is all about. Enjoy!

On April 26th, 2012 in Videos

The brand new Battlefield 3 Close Quarters trailer showcases the newest map: Donya Fortress. While we can’t say we were big fans of the previous Close Quarters map, this one definitely looks better. The trailer also showcases the new mode Conquest Domination, but it’s hard to see with all the stuff blowing up everywhere.

Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments section!

On April 7th, 2012 in Videos

The annual PAX video game convention is underway, and DICE is showcasing the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC Close Quarters. Someone managed to sneak a few minutes of Close Quarters gameplay on one of the new maps, Ziba Tower. While the footage is not perfect (it’s off screen), it does show what the new DLC is all about: very tense, close quarter-based infantry combat. Fans of the Operation Metro map should be delighted.

On March 28th, 2012 in News, Videos

If you had problems with the Battlefield 3 user interface, well, you’re not alone. The massive waste of space on the PC version indicates that the UI is primarily designed for consoles. Not to mention the odd design choices and complete lack of intuitive controls. We wondered many times how DICE could make such a bad UI for a game, and now we know how: they didn’t. They outsourced the UI design to a company that doesn’t make games — they make flashy animations and such.

If you want someone to blame for the horrendous UI, blame the guys from “River”, a digital agency that specializes in user interface design, Flash, and stuff like that. Watch the video above and hear them brag on about Battlefield 3′s user interface.

UPDATE: Apparently the backlash over the video was so great and it received so many downvotes on YouTube (90% thumbs down), that River has removed it. The video was meant to showcase their work and process, but turned out to embarrass them more than anything else.

On March 21st, 2012 in News, Videos

The new Battlefield 3 DLC will include improved destruction called “Destruction HD”, and DICE have released a new time lapse video showcasing the destruction on the map Ziba Tower. As you can see, the destruction on this particular part of the map is much more widespread than on any current Battlefield 3 maps.

On March 13th, 2012 in Videos

We’ve gotten our hands on the very first Battlefield 3 Close Quarters trailer, called “Ziba Tower”. It showcases one of the new maps from Close Quarters — Ziba Tower — which is a “vertical map” as DICE calls it. It’s one of 4 maps that will be included with Close Quarters.

UPDATE: The trailer might not play anymore. Despite our work to promote the new DLC, EA and DICE have thanked us with a copyright infringement notice.

On February 27th, 2012 in Videos

Remember the “Fault Lines” Battlefield 3 videos that were the first to be released, almost a year ago? The very first Battlefield 3 gameplay showed a squad of soldiers pinned on the roof of a building by a sniper, whereafter they engaged him with an AT4 rocket launcher. If you’re wondering where DICE got the inspiration from, check out the video above, which is a reenactment of a real situation that happened during the Battle of Fallujah in 2004 in Iraq. Check out the BF3 version after the break.

Thanks to Mikey for the tip!

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