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On January 31st, 2013 in Videos

DICE has finally released a trailer for End Game, the latest Battlefield 3 DLC. The trailer showcases a high-speed chase with tons of motorcycles in the game mode “Capture The Flag”, which returns to Battlefield with End Game. Towards the end of the trailer, we also get a glimpse of the new Battlefield 3 Air Superiority mode. Are you excited about End Game? Let us know in the comments section!

On January 29th, 2013 in Videos

The world famous car show, Top Gear, recently returned for Series 19. A few years back, they did an awesome segment where a tank was chasing a Range Rover (or some similar vehicle). The guys from RocketSolution took the audio from that segment and applied it to a Battlefield 3 machinima. The results are quite impressive.

On December 5th, 2012 in News, Videos

The latest Battlefield 3 DLC: Aftermath, has launched for all Premium members on all platforms (PS3 gamers got it a week earlier). The DLC includes 4 maps, and from playing a few hours so far, we can say that these are really good and detailed multiplayer maps, some of the best in Battlefield 3 yet. Aftermath ships with 4 new maps, a few new vehicles, a few new weapons (including a crossbow!). In addition, there are new character models which gives the game a new look and feel as you’re playing. Overall, Aftermath looks like a very good DLC and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

On October 18th, 2012 in Videos

DICE has released a trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC called “Aftermath”. The trailer showcases the new urban environments — Aftermath takes place right after a large Earthquake, with the city in ruins. The trailer reveals a lot of details about the new DLC, including new player skins, a new weapon — crossbow — new vehicles, assignments, and a new game mode. Aftermath will be released on December and will feature 4 new multiplayer maps.

On September 6th, 2012 in Videos

If you’re still not excited about the Armored Kill DLC, the launch trailer will surely put you over the top. Armored Kill is already out to Premium members on the PlayStation 3 and will be rolled out over the next few weeks to everyone else. Check out the full release schedule here. DICE has also released a patch along side the DLC, which brings a ton of weapon and vehicle tweaks. You can find the full patch notes here.

On September 1st, 2012 in Videos

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC is just around the corner, and DICE have released a quick flythrough video showcasing the map. It’s great to see Battlefield 3 get a proper winter/snow map, even if it looks a lot like Skyrim. Or rather, it looks like Skyrim was supposed to look like, with much more advanced graphics. We can imagine Alborz Mountains becoming one of the most popular Armored Kill maps in the future. DICE has an in-depth blog post here with tons of behind the scenes details on the map, how it was made, etc. It’s definitely worth a read.

On August 7th, 2012 in Videos

Armored Kill is coming next month and we’re getting more and more details about the new DLC. We have a brand new video from EA’s Summer Showcase from GotGame, interviewing Battlefield 3 Armored Kill lead designer Niklas Faulknor. There isn’t much new info though, we hear the same lines of “biggest maps ever”, new vehicles like mobile artillery, and some more details on the AC-130 gunship. Players can spawn on the gunship and man the cannons, or parachute down to the battlefield. On the question on Battlefield 4, Fauknor simply said “it’s gonna be exciting”.

On July 23rd, 2012 in Gallery, Videos

EA France’s Battlefield 3 TV segment got a chance to visit the guys at DICE and check out the work on the upcoming DLC, Battlefield 3 Armored Kill. While the video above is in French, the interview itself is in English, so you’ll understand most of it. Basically, Armored Kill is about the “epic scale of Battlefield”, as lead designer Niklas Fergaus puts it. Armored kill will include 4 new maps and half a dozen new vehicles. We also get the names of the 4 maps in the new DLC: Death Valley, Bandar Desert, Almorz Mountain (the snow map!), and Armored Shield. Check out the first two screenshots of the Armored Shield map after the break, in full 1080p of course. READ ON »

On July 19th, 2012 in Videos

EA has dropped the brand new Battlefield 3 Armored Kill trailer, showing off the upcoming DLC. We get to see some of the new vehicles in action, including tanks, buggies, and the much anticipated AC-130 gunship. And we get to see the huge maps of Armored Kill, including snow maps. While the previous DLC, Close Quarters, didn’t resonate much with the hardcore Battlefield fans, Armored Kill should be their cup of tea: huge maps, lots of vehicles, lots of action.

On June 10th, 2012 in Videos

We’ve got some more footage from Battlefield 3 Armored Kill from E3, this time, it’s an on stage preview done by G4, accompanied by an interview with DICE’s Patrick Bach. The gameplay footage this time features a map called Caspian Sea according to Bach, who also said it’ll be the biggest map in the history of Battlefield. Bach said about the upcoming DLC:

“With Armored Kill, we got back to our roots, with really big maps, plenty of vehicles, the classic Battlefield formula — we’ll have the biggest maps ever built in a Battlefield game”

Bach also confirmed that Armored Kill will feature 6 new vehicles, including the ATM, two mobile artillery vehicles, two light tanks, and the AC-130 gunship. Also, not all game modes will be available for Armored Pack, and the DLC will not include any new weapons — only vehicles and game modes such as the new mode “Tank Superiority”. Armored Kill will be released in September.

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