Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Groom-to-be

Weddings are one of the most important events in most people’s lives. A wedding is a ceremony that seals the deal between man and woman(or any gender). A wedding is a symbol that they’re ready to face life together as a couple. No matter the hardships, no matter the happiness, a wedding signifies that they’ll stay as a couple till death do them part.


Aside from the romantic photoshoots, bouquet catching, wedding cakes, and wedding performances, most couples look forward to exchanging gifts for each other. In this article, we’ll focus on the bride’s side, on what she’ll give to her groom come wedding day. You might think that you can just get anything for your groom just because he’s a guy.


Don’t fall for that stereotype, though. Men can be extremely fussy, they just don’t show it. To save you from disappointment, here are some awesome gift ideas for your groom-to-be:


Getting a big axe might be too much, but believe us, an axe can make your groom feel very manly. Imagine seeing your guy holding a big axe while chopping wood? Not only does an axe have multiple functions around your home, but you can also use it as an impressive wall piece for his mancave.


Some bladesmiths can customize an axe for you. You can add intricate designs on the axe cheek, add an extra sharp tip on top of the eye to make it look like a short halberd, or you can wrap the handle with leather. You can even customize the whole axe head to add more aesthetic value to it.

Bearskin Rug

These rugs are the perfect addition to your groom’s man cave. These exotic-looking items can add a hunter-like feel to a man cave. For humane reasons, make sure that you’re getting a factory-made bearskin rug. The real thing is often costly and is illegal in some countries. If you do buy an authentic bearskin rug, make sure that the bear was killed following federal and state laws.

Custom Wooden Whiskey Set

When it comes to whiskey, beer, wine, and just plain old drinking, you can count your groom in. Almost all men love to drink, and what better way to emphasize that by giving him a custom, wooden made whiskey set.


Although it’s a good idea to keep the box the whiskey was in, the wooden box can serve as a perfect home for an already perfect bottle of whiskey. Add extra flair to it by engraving his name, special figures, etc.




Watches are always part of a man’s outfit. Without a watch, most men’s getups often look incomplete. Watches are the perfect accessories to compliment a man’s style. You can buy iconic watches from well-known brands such as Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Rolex, etc.


Aside from watches, shoes are also close to a man’s heart. Most of the time, men love sneakers and other fashionable footwear. For those who want a rugged, fresh look, go for brands like Converse and Vans for their sneakers. If your guy loves playing basketball, brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Underarmour are perfect.

Gaming System

Games will always be a part of a man’s life, no matter what age they’re in. A Playstation 4 or Xbox One is perfect for any guy. Since there are already lots of games available on both platforms, you can ask your groom about the games he likes. Most of the time, men prefer playing sports games, beat’em ups, and role-playing games. You can’t go wrong with these consoles.



The gifts mentioned above are just some of the best items you can give your groom. Make your wedding day extra special by exchanging gifts with each other. Remember, both of you benefit from each other’s gifts, one way or another. Stay happy, and congratulations to the both of you!

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