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On March 3rd, 2015 in News


Origin is currently having a sale on Battlefield 3 Premium subscriptions, which they are selling for just $20 to celebrate a milestone in sales of the game.

Origin also has an offer on the base game, which now retails for just $20 on the store. Despite its age, there are plenty of Battlefield 3 players out there, especially on the PC. And many of us still prefer it to Battlefield 4, which somehow still manages to feel broken (despite over a year’s worth of patches).

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BF3 cake image via Healthy Eating Fan.

On October 26th, 2013 in News

BF3 double XP
In case you didn’t know it, Battlefield 3 currently has a double XP event going on, doubling any points earned in any match. This is to celebrate the release of the upcoming Battlefield 4, which hits the stores (and Origin) on Tuesday, October 29.

The same rules apply as in previous double XP events: any points earned during the match, including award score, are doubled at the very end. The double XP events are great for players looking to unlock some extra items, as this speeds things up considerably. The double XP is available to all players, both Premium and non-premium.

This isn’t the last BF3 double XP event this time around. According to rumors, DICE and EA are planning another one shortly after the launch of BF4.

And don’t worry, after Battlefield 4 is released, Battlefield 3 will still be alive and going strong — there are thousands and thousands of players on every platform, and there will be for a long time it come. If you still haven’t tried BF3, you can still get great deals on Origin.

On October 13th, 2013 in News

It only took two years, but DICE is finally admitting the unlocks of Battlefield 3 had a huge problem. Players were forced to grind away at each weapon in order to get any meaningful unlocks, and it was even worse with vehicles. Players started out in jets and helicopters with no unlocks and defensive countermeasures, making them vulnerable to the skilled players.

DICE’s Lars Gustavsson said that “they should be slapped” for the unlocks system in Battlefield 3. He added that they’ve learned from the mistakes in Battlefield 3, and those lessons carry over into BF4. The current BF4 beta has vehicles with some of the defensive unlocks from the get go, unlocks that were not available in Battlefield 3 until the player has put in considerable time.

On October 6th, 2013 in News

BF4 beta
DICE has opened up the Battlefield 4 beta to the public, after a few days of exclusivity to BF3 Premium owners and those who pre-ordered. The beta includes one map, Siege of Shanghai, and features two game modes: the classic Conquest, and Domination. The selection of weapons is quite limited, as the beta is mainly intended to test the technical parts of Battlefield 4. On PC, the beta doesn’t even include the full graphical features, which will be added in the final game. The beta is available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and ends on October 15th.

On September 27th, 2013 in Videos

Face it, some of the most annoying things when driving a tank (or any other large armored vehicle), is some C4-plastered suicide buggy. It’s even worse when they’re working in a team, as shown in the video above. But we gotta say, it’s also pretty fun. The trick is to plant C4 on the vehicle yourself, and have your teammate drive up to the enemy. That way, the teammate won’t be killed, but the enemy will.

On September 22nd, 2013 in News

BF3 on next gen
DICE has revealed that they have no intentions of porting Battlefield 3 to the upcoming next gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to DICE’s Patrick Bach, they’re focusing on the upcoming Battlefield 4, which will be released on the current and next gen systems. He said:

“It wouldn’t be worth it. I think it’s better to bring back the maps like we’re doing and then maybe there’s some other fan favourite that people really want and we can probably bring that back as well. But the feature set and the core game of Battlefield 3 versus Battlefield 4, it would be going backwards in time.”

Bach added that “there is nothing in BF3 that’s better in BF4, so why bring it back?”. BF3 has been on the market for almost two years now, and has received countless updates and plenty of DLC.

While DICE is working to finish Battlefield 4 in time for release next month, they promised that they will continue to update and patch BF3. It’s been a few months since the last BF3 patch, and there have been no announcements about any future updates.

On September 14th, 2013 in Videos

What will happen to Battlefield 3 after BF4 is released? Surely there will still be a ton of players, having all the fun in the world? A new video pokes fun at the two games, predicting a ghost land in BF3 after the release of its successor, Battlefield 4.

Despite the bleak and fun prediction in the video, DICE has promised that they will keep supporting BF3 after the release of Battlefield 4. There are still millions of BF3 gamers out there, and it’s unlikely they’ll all upgrade to BF4 at once.

Considering that both Bad Company 2 and older Battlefield games are still played, it will be a long, long time before BF3 runs out of players. Especially when you consider that there isn’t much of a visual difference between the two games — many consider BF4 to actually be BF 3.5.

On August 25th, 2013 in News

Nvidia is continuously working on improving performance with its graphics cards in Battlefield 3. The latest driver update includes a fix for an issue which has plagued some players for a while: the black edges that appear when MSAA 4X is enabled. The new Nvidia beta driver fixes that, and adds some general performance improvements as well.

The new driver is called 326.41 Beta, and its update, the 326.80, both feature the Battlefield 3 fix. Nvidia’s beta drivers have always been pretty stable, but if you’re not too keen on using beta drivers, you’ll have to wait for a little bit longer until Nvidia finalizes the software.

On August 21st, 2013 in News

The GamesCom game event just kicked off in Germany, and to celebrate, DICE is running a double XP event during the week GamesCom is open. This means that double XP will be available to Battlefield 3 players from August 21-26 — for a total of 120 hours of double XP. The usual rules apply: the double XP only counts on ranked servers, and players will have their points doubled up after the end of each round. The new double XP event is taking place less than two weeks after the previous event, which took place on August 10.

DICE is currently present at GamesCom, where they are showing off Battlefield 4 and all of its features. DICE has a history with the GamesCom event — back in 2011, they used it to reveal almost all of the BF3 details, including the Caspian Border map. If you’re not at GamesCom, now is a great time to rake in some serious points in BF3, as this is one of the longest double XP events ever — at 120 hours, when it usually runs for only 48 hours.

On August 17th, 2013 in News

EA bell
Back in 2012, EA sued aircraft maker Bell over a disagreement on whether EA could use Bell’s aircraft and names in Battlefield 3. Bell is the maker of the Huey and the Viper, both which are playable in BF3. EA argued that it’s a first amendment right — a freedom of expression that video games enjoy just as movies do. Bell wanted EA to pay royalties, but EA argued that when Bells aircraft are used in movies, they don’t have to pay royalties, and neither should games.

Now EA and Bell have settled the lawsuit, but neither party have released any details on the settlement. We doubt this will have any effect on the vehicle and weapon names in the upcoming Battlefield 4, which will also feature the Huey and the Viper helicopters — made by Bell.

As we reported last year, EA and Bell’s parent company, Textron, were in licensing negotiations, which fell through. Afterwards, EA decided to use the real world names of the aircraft anyways, and filed a pre-emptive lawsuit against Textron. Textron wanted EA to stop using all of its aircraft in the game, which would have meant no Viper nor Huey. Since both helicopters are present in BF4, we assume that Bell and EA settled this without sacrificing the the authenticity of the game.

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