3 Ways Everyone Can Save Money Online

About 4 billion people use the internet globally.

They shop online, make new friends on social media, watch YouTube while some work online.

But in most cases, people are also spending more money whenever they go online- be it in form of purchases- or paying for the internet service.

What you may not know is that the internet can also be an awesome tool if you want to save money.

Here are some pretty creative ways you can use to save your money online:

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  • Use Netflix instead of iTunes

The good old cable TV is quickly becoming forgotten thanks to the advent of amazing internet streaming TV services like iTunes and Netflix.

To save money, you need to grab any deal that you come across and iTunes doesn’t seem to offer much of a deal.

You seem, for Netflix, you pay a fixed monthly charged as per the plan that you’ve picked to access the service for a whole month. On the other hand, iTunes charges on the go meaning that if you are an ardent online TV guy, you can spend huge amounts.

For the best experience, remember to stream Netflix with a VPN that works if you are in one of the countries where the service is blocked such as Russia.

  • Use your Internet to Hunt for coupons and Amazing deals

Sure, shopping online is super convenient. But do you know that you can drastically reduce the amounts you pay for internet purchases using Coupons and deals?

There are tens of quality websites that are dedicated to helping you find crazy discounts and collect coupons.

These websites printable coupons, collect current sales, and thousands of online discount codes giving you incredible deals either at online stores of your choice or even in a store in your locality.

A good example is a website like Retail Me Not which offers daily bargains for online and select in-store purchases in various regions.

Coupon Cabin goes one step further and will let you know about current sales and promotions in real time besides offering you cash backs even with a free membership account.

Lastly, Hip2Save has tons of blog entries, ideas, and recommendations for you as a coupon collector. it also features updated links to some of the most useful coupons from other websites.

·        Swapping books, DVDs, and music on the Internet

Instead of buying new books, classic music, or DVDs, why not exploit the internet for this entertainment?

Again, you will find dozens of websites that bring together fervent readers and lovers of music interested in sharing their collection at zero or minimal costs.

On a website like PaperBackSwap (with over 1.7 million titles), you just create an account and start swapping the books, DVDs, and CDs you are bored of online.

You save money and access your dream titles at a minimal costs- sometimes you only pay for shipping!

You can also check websites such as BookMooch. Here you Mail your titles to someone needing them for points. You can use these points to buy your favorite titles from other users.

BooksFreeSwap is another popular site. Here, there is no direct swap. Instead,  the recipient is required to pay for the postage.



Rather than just socializing and making friends online, you can use the internet to save money by reducing your expenses on various items.

For instance, you can discard iTunes and shift to Netflix now that they have a better streaming deal.

At the same time, you can become a coupon and deals hunter again saving good amounts when shopping.

Finally, you can also be accessing your best book titles on barter rather than buying provided you register on book swapping sites like  PaperBackSwap.

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