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On July 28th, 2011 in News

Battlefield 3 pre order
A few months ago, EA released their quarterly earnings where they reported that the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 was pre-ordered 7 times more than Bad Company 2, the previous best seller. This time, during the most recent financial reports, EA disclosed that Battlefield 3 pre-orders had jumped to 10 times that of Bad Company 2. To make matters even more interesting, they revealed that Bad Company 2 has surpassed sales of 9 million units to date.

EA is currently offering a lot of incentives to pre-order Battlefield 3, from the Back To Karkand DLC, to the Physical Warfare pack, to new multiplayer skins to even a bunch of dog tags — there are plenty of pre-order offers to gamers, whether you buy the game in store, or online. However, sadly, Battlefield 3 is still not available on Steam, and judging from how things are looking today, it’s uncertain if we’ll ever see it on Steam.

Last week we reported that Battlefield 3 pre-orders matched those of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was one of the most pre-ordered games ever. It’s unknown how BF3 stacks up against its main rival, Modern Warfare 3, when it comes to pre-orders.


  1. BlueSmiley
    July 30th, 2011 at 10:08 am

    The BF franchise really deserves all this hype. But it’s going to be pretty lame to play against total newbs and ex-CoD players. I hope everything will run well. I don’t mind these new players. I’m not hating… But I prefer a high skilled enemy. And hell, I’m not thinking about all those worthless teammates yet. I hope we’ll have fast learners among us. :-P

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  2. legoingrdaproplayer
    August 1st, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    How can I be red? Like Excision is for example?

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